“TV Producer By Day…”

I have worked as a television news producer for over ten years. I enjoy creating informative segments that shine a light on important issues in the community. I take pride in my job, but it’s not my entire life. 

“…Glue Gun-Slayer By Night”

That’s where DIY comes in. 

My mother is perhaps the biggest influencer when it comes to crafts and DIY. Growing up, I remember her decorating sweatshirts with the hair-bows to match for me. She also re-tiled the kitchen and did some other renovations throughout our home. I then started to personalize my room by decorating a book shelf and re-purposing my childhood furniture. 

“DIY Inspired by Life’s Adventures” 

Fast-forward to now. 

I’m still an avid fan of DIY and have many sophisticated projects that have stood the test-of-time under my belt. From museums to memorable vacations to simply a sunset, I try to find inspiration for my DIY projects through life’s adventures. DIY for me doesn’t just mean décor; I also enjoy recreating my own cocktails and throwing themed parties. 

Now that all that formal stuff is out of the way…