Sparkling Wine Apple Cider Cocktail

Sparkling Wine Apple Cider Cocktail

"Baby girl, what's your name? Let me talk to you, let me buy you a drink"

- T-Pain "Buy U A Drank" (2007) 


How about I make you that drink instead? This fall cocktail is the perfect reminder of pumpkin patches, football and cuddling in front of the fireplace. Plus, it's super easy! 


  • Sparkling Wine (I used Suite Four
  • Dark Rum or Brandy 
  • Apple Cider 
  • Apples (optional) 


First, pour the rum into the glass, next add the apple cider. Stir the contents a few times.Top with sparkling wine. 

Add a slice of apple on the rim of the glass and that's it! 


Lessons Learned: 

I would probably use brandy instead of rum, but the recipe still works.

The jigger is super helpful for measuring ounces, I say it's worth buying.


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