Rental Wall Revamp

Rental Wall Revamp

"Live Life Off The Wall"

- Michael Jackson "Off the Wall" (1979)

As a renter, it can be tough to put that personal touch on your place. But if you're lucky, your building may offer an 'accent wall.' That usually means you can choose from a select number of paint colors and choose ONE wall for them to paint.  

My apartment's color selection was not the best. So I decided to go bold with black but break it up with some pattern. 

Please excuse the struggle camera phone photo.

I decided to paint the wall in my dining room. Before the painter came, I used painter's tape to create some sort of design. I free-styled the design, but I think a structured design of stripes can really make an impact. 

Once I decided on a pattern, I let my apartment know about my selection. 

And the results were magical! 


Lessons Learned:

  • Play with pattern. I did the simple X's, but if you're more proficient with painter's tape, Go for it!
  • Think carefully about the wall you choose for paint. I almost decided to paint the wall behind my television, but figured it would be distracting. When guests turn the corner, it's an unexpected surprise. 


Denim Dry Erase Board

Denim Dry Erase Board

Glue Gun Vase

Glue Gun Vase