The Do's and Don'ts of DIY

The Do's and Don'ts of DIY

"Now, baby we can do it / Take the time, do it right / We can do it, baby / Do it tonight."                                                                                                                                                         - "Take Your Time" SOS Band (1980)

I don't believe it takes a special person to accomplish any DIY project. All it take is a little trial and error, fun and creativity. But before you begin you're next project, I would like to share some of my mistakes to help make your DIY road smoother. 

Do Plan Ahead.

You don't want to get into your DIY groove and then have to run back to the store to get some supplies. This has happened to me countless times. I now make a detailed list (complete with measurements) before I head to the store or click purchase on Amazon.  

Do Take Before Pics.

The reason i take pics before is so I can appreciate the transformation. I've done some amazing DIY projects in the past, but have forgotten to snap a pic.  I don't think the Rental Wall Revamp would have been as fire without showing the blank wall of my apartment before.

Do Second-Guess Your Measurements.

I'm not the best at measuring things or drawing straight lines (even if I have a ruler). If you have the same issue, I suggest double-checking your measurements. If you need something cut for a project, I even suggest taking the actual object to wherever you're getting something cut. I wish I did that when I got the mirror cut for my folding TV dinner tray Upcycle

Don't Think a Glue Gun is the Only Adhesive 

Although I am the "Glue Gun-Slayer," I have learned over the years that it's not always the best adhesive for heavy-duty projects. I recommend adding Gorilla Glue,  E6000 or asking for recommendations at your local hardware store. 

Don't Assume it's the Right Color

Test your paint before you use it. Whether it's spray paint or paint out of a can, I suggest testing it on either a place you can't see or some craft paper. Let it dry and then determine if you like the final color selection. I have too many paint regrets to name. 

Don't Beat Yourself Up 

It's not life or death. If a project doesn't come out exactly how you like it, don't worry. Simply learn from your mistakes and get ready for the next DIY. 

And of course, Don't forget to have fun!

Watch below to see some of my favorite DIY tricks I've learned over the years. 


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