Beach Vacation Photo Sandbox

Beach Vacation Photo Sandbox

"I brought sand to the beach/Cause my beach is better"

- Jay Z, "Beach is Better" (2013)

I didn't necessarily bring sand to the beach, but I definitely took some home. Recently, I took my first solo vacation to Cancun, Mexico with Parlour Magazine. I stayed at Unico 20 87 Hotel Riveria. I had an amazing time! I wanted to remember this special trip, but I didn't just want to buy any ordinary souvenir. I decided to create my own memento using sand from the actual beach. At first, I searched around for a shadowbox, but they were kind of pricey. So,  I got a little a creative. Let's get started! 



  • Picture from Your Vacation 

  • Sand from Your Vacation 

  • Rocks and Seashells from Your Vacation 

  • Glass Box (From Succulent Section from Michael's) 

  • Mod Podge for Photo Transfers 

  • Small Paintbrush

  • Clear Plastic Paper Protector

  • Gorilla Glue 

First, grab some sand while on vacation. Store it in two ziplock bags or a water bottle. 

Once you return from vacation. Print out a favorite photo from CVS or Walgreen's. Cut the picture to make sure it fits on one side of the box. Be sure to cut enough of the picture so the sand will show on both side of the picture. 

Next, dip brush into Mod Podge and lightly brush the glue onto the front of the picture. 

Press the picture to the glass and be sure to position it before it dries. Let the picture dry for 30 minutes. Next, add the sand to the box. 

Next, add your shells and rocks to the box. Then, use a clear plastic paper protector to close off the box. Just cut it to size and secure it with hot glue or Gorilla Glue.  

That's it! 

I think this project is great for newlyweds back from a honeymoon and families remembering a fun vacation. 

Lessons Learned:

  • Use the Mod Podge for Photos. I used the version just for glass. It left a slight film on my photo, I used a tissue to wipe the most noticeable areas. 
  • Be sure to collect a lot of sand and seashells while on vacation.
  • Be sure to seal the edges of the box with Gorilla Glue or electric tape. 

Here's a video of the Photo Sandbox:

Bonus! Here's some more pics from my vacation!

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