No-Sew Bench Cover

No-Sew Bench Cover

"A, B, C It's easy as, 1, 2, 3 As simple as, do, re, mi"

- "ABC" Jackson 5 (1970)

This DIY is super simple, cheap and takes less than two hours to finish. I wanted to update a bench my aunt gave me, but I didn't feel like sewing. Check out how I modernized this bench with a body pillow cover and some spray paint! 



  • Spray Paint (I used this brand
  • Body Pillow Cover (I bought one from Target

Seriously, that's it! Let's get started. Unscrew the base from the bench.


Set the bench aside and grab your spray paint. Spray the entire base. Be sure to spray in a well-ventilated area.

While the base dries, grab the bench. I removed the cover my aunt had, but I kept the plastic covering the original. Grab your body pillow cover, slip it over the bench and zip it. 

Next, screw the bench back into the base. There is some excess fabric from the body pillow. I didn't want to cut the body pillow or use a staple/glue gun. I folded the excess fabric and pulled it tight. I then put the base on top of the folded portion and screwed the base into the bench. That was enough to pull the excess fabric tight and not droop.

Flip it back over and you're finished! 

Lessons Learned:

  • Be sure to thoroughly spray the base, especially if it has several curves and angles .
  • Get creative! There are tons of body pillow covers out there.
  • Be sure to measure your bench and body pillow cover before beginning the project.


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