Mug Succulent

Mug Succulent

“Ay, drippin' I'm so clean, bro…I walk with a mean mug”

- “Mean Mug” Yung Bans (2018)

Ayyyeeee! I’m showing off my version of a “mean mug” on my desk. This is a super simple DIY. It’s great for kids as long as you use succulents that aren’t pointy, like the cactus I used (ouch!). Let’s get started.


First, put some rocks at the bottom of the mug for drainage. Then add some soil.

Next, carefully scoop your plant out of the flimsy planter. Use a plastic spoon on one side for leverage to pop out the plant.

Place your plant in the mug and add more soil. I added another plant (aloe) and some rocks to the top for decoration. Water it. And you’re finished! I would display this on my desk at work or maybe a side table at home.

Lessons Learned:

  • Do This Outside. I made a mess with the soil. It gets EVERYWHERE.

  • Protect Yourself. If you are using a cactus, be careful. I used a folded over dish towel to transfer the cactus from the planter to the mug.

Until next time, Peace!

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