Decorating with Rose Quartz

Decorating with Rose Quartz

"Love, love, yo love...tell me were you hiding from me...all the time"

- "Love, Love, Love" Donny Hathaway (1973)

Make sure the love never hides from you by decorating with Rose Quartz. The stone opens up the heart chakras and is considered the Crystal of Unconditional Love. The stone has has a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, making it one of the most important gemstone for healing.

Those are the reasons why I decided to decorate with Rose Quartz. I hooked up a picture frame and candle. 

Dope, right? First, things let's get some supplies.


  • 3 Bags of Rose Quartz Chips from here
  • Some Jewelry Wire from Michael's (I used Satin Gold)
  • A Jar
  • Picture Frames from Dollar Tree
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun

Let's start with the candle. 

First, I tried using a glue gun to secure the crystals to the glass. WRONG! It didn’t stay and was looking a dumpy, bumpy mess.

I then grabbed my E6000 glue. Sure it works, but it’s messy. I got glue everywhere. I used a little paintbrush I no longer cared about to apply the glue to the glass. I only did a little section at a time. The crystals were slipping and sliding so I just let it dry for a while.

DO NOT DO THIS! Grab E6000 Glue! 

Once, I finally finished attaching all the crystals (this took longer than I anticipated), I grabbed the wire. This wire is super lightweight, so you won’t have any trouble manipulating it. Anyways, I wrapped the wire around the top of the candle and secured it with a dab of a glue gun.

Light it up and let in the love!

Now to the picture frame. This was my favorite of the two crystal crafts. Since I had the epic trial-and-error with the candle, I knew what to do with the frame. First, take apart the frame. I think grabbed the outer frame and spray-painted it gold. I let that dry.

Then, I grabbed my rose quartz and went to work. I used thin layers of E6000 glue and worked my way around the frame. I doubled up the layers, but only on three sides. That way the frame won’t sit all wonky.

I then grabbed the wire again and wrapped it around the frame, just to give a romantic feel. Secure it with your glue gun. Next, pop in your favorite picture or quote, and put together the frame. You’re finished! Enjoy!

Lessons learned:

Be careful with the E6000 glue

  • It’s messy, but works. Be sure to let it cure for 24 hours before moving on with your craft.

Choose your rose quartz carefully

  •  The vendor I ordered from on Amazon had a good deal, but now I know why. A lot of the so-called “rose quartz” was clear. I had to sift through 3 bags to find enough pink crystals.


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