5 Rules of Glue Guns

5 Rules of Glue Guns

"Still I got to stick to my girls like glue, And I mon nah play number two"

- "Like Glue" Sean Paul (2002) 

I am a self-described glue-gun slayer. I use glue guns in tons of my crafts and I have definitely learned some lessons along the way. 

1. Choose Wisely 

There are tons of glue guns on the market and the choices can feel overwhelming. I recommend doing your research. The one I have right now was bought on a whim to be honest. It's cool, but I plan to buy a mini-version and an industrial one for heavy-duty projects. Things to keep in mind when shopping:  the price, make sure it has multiple temperature settings and what sort of projects you plan to use them for. 

2. Cut the Cord

Everything is practically cordless these days and your next glue gun should be too! Going cordless just makes it easier to move around your projects. 

3. Glue Sticks

The type of glue sticks you get can make or break a project. In the past, I chose the cheapest version. And while it did the job, I often had extra strings everywhere. I recommend Elmer's Craftbond All-Temp Glue Sticks. It cuts down on the strings and the bond is slightly stronger. 

4. Know Your Material

As much as I love my beloved glue gun, I know it's not the be-all end-all for crafts. I've burned through certain ribbon and of course styrofoam trying to use my glue gun for everything. Keep other adhesives in your arsenal like E6000 and Gorilla Glue. 

5. Be Careful

Glue guns obviously get really hot in order to melt the glue stick. Be sure to let your project cool before moving on. And if you must touch the glue to move something, please use a craft stick. 


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