Tabletop Twist with Stencil Design

Tabletop Twist with Stencil Design

“Five, four, three, two, one. Leggo! (watch me) Level up, level up, level up, level up, level up”

- “Level Up” Ciara (2018)

I’ve been sitting on this project for a minute. I would drool over stencil designs on IG and Pinterest, but didn’t have the gut to purchase them. Finally, I found the popular Tribal Batik Furniture Stencil by Royal Designs Studio. I decided to use the stencil to put some life into my old dining room table (it’s been used and abused during craft projects, dominoes and more craft projects) from a big box store a long time ago.


  • Stencil Paint - I used this from Michael’s. But Royal Design Studios sells their own as well.

  • Stencil Brushes

  • Clear Coat

  • Roller Brush and Tray

  • Painter’s Tape

  • Measuring Tape

  • Tarp ( old sheet, something)

  • Paper Towels

Before you begin painting any surface, make sure you give the furniture a good wipe down. As you can see, my table was a little uhmm…dusty. After cleaning the table, I was still a little shy about stenciling. so I painted the edge of it first.

Once that was finished, I started to stencil. First, lay your stencil down and secure it with tape. Then grab your stencil brush and dab it in paint. But then dab the excess on a paper towels. You don’t want a wet brush so the paint doesn’t bleed across the stencil. I used a stipple method, which means you just sort of gently stab the stencil until you fill up each space.

Give it a few minutes to dry and then carefully pick up the stencil and move it to the next section. Slow and steady wins this race. I rushed and smeared some of the design in some places. I alternated between using a stenciling brush and a rolling brush. I would roll on the paint and then go back and fill in the stencil using the stencil brush.

That brings me to the edges, where I messed up bad (more on what NOT to do coming up). So I decided to create a gold outline around my table. This part was actually relaxing, I just measured my border, taped it, and then began painting.

I also dabbed some gold paint on the legs of the table and then wiped it off. Giving it a cool subtle sparkle.

Then it was time to seal my table so that I could use it again. Get a clear coat acrylic paint. I recommend using a roller brush so that it doesn’t show all the brush strokes. I put about 3 layers on. Waiting a day between each layer.

Lessons Learned:

  • Don’t get the spray clear coat. It’s going to be blotchy and uneven. Go to the paint store and get a can of it.

  • Be Patient. I realized I needed to slow down my stenciling to avoid smears.

  • Have a Plan. Before you begin figure out how you plan to stencil. I ended up messing up my pattern because I didn’t start in the middle.

Despite the “oops” here and there, I still love the results and plan to stencil some other furniture!


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Mug Succulent